I'm running the 2014 Boston Marathon!!  
But I need your help to raise funds to support Ashland's Special Programs!!

I’ve been working for the Town of Ashland for thirteen years as her Information Technology Director. The incredible sense of community Ashland’s residents and businesses have is something very special and admirable to say the least.  Read more about the Special Programs you will help here

When the opportunity to run the historic Boston Marathon this year came up, I jumped at the chance!  Being a runner, I was of course interested to run Boston, but the notion I could also raise money to give something back to such a strong community and to one that has given me so much throughout my career was a bonus.

I am an avid long distance runner and have been running for about 8 years now.  In that time, I have run multiple marathons and a few ultra marathon distances of 50k and 40 miles.  

What makes this Boston Marathon so extra special for me is in addition to being “Boston Strong”, I will be joining my sister who is also running the course.  With that, our grandfather happened to be an incredible fan of the Boston Marathon; when he was alive, he could be found each year, all throughout the 1970’s, at various junctions of the course, watching the runners admirably. To think just a few decades later, with the aligning of the stars, that both of his grandchildren would be running the race together is going to make this truly an incredible day!